Agroecology: how do we measure its social impact?

Speakers: Luke Owen (CAWR), Paola Guzman (CAWR), Moya Kneafsey (CAWR)​, Chelsea Marshall (Scotland the Bread)
It is widely acknowledged that being able to measure ‘impact’ is critical to building the evidence base for agroecology and community food initiatives. This session is an opportunity to critically reflect on the work that The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), Coventry University have been doing with the Real Farming Trust (RFT) around measuring social impact in UK agroecological enterprises. The purpose of this collaboration is to co-develop an appropriate toolkit that can be used by enterprises and businesses in the agri-food sector to assess their social impact, community resilience and food democracy. CAWR’s work is a first step in determining what an impact toolkit for agroecology might look like, and a timely opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges that creating such a tool poses.