Agrivillages – new sustainable land-based communities – the first steps

Chair: James Skinner (New Economics Foundation) Speakers: Ashley Dobbs (Agrivillage), James Shorten (Agrivillage)

Our hope is that the general Agrivillage idea will catch on and that Councils will take it up and pursue us with offers of land! We have to think ambitiously if we are to halt the momentum of industrial agriculture and persuade officials in DEFRA and locally that the way forward is through small-scale family size farms and small-holdings with maximum diversification, low energy and high out put. The special factor also in Agrivillages is the encouragement and facilitation of pursuing other income earning activities as well as food production and processing. This way a family can make a decent living even on a very small holding of land, assisted by selling direct to consumers through collaborative marketing.


Agrivillages presentation PowerPoint