Month: December 2014

Terra Madre and the Oxford Real Farming Conference

Rebecca Roberts is a freelancer in sustainable agriculture and food security, with her work ranging from international development consultancy, cooking skills training, and journalism. With a BA in Geography and a MA in Agriculture and Rural Development under her belt,

A phoenix arising from the ashes: a new food economy is emerging

“This blog was co-written by Ilana Taub and Kathleen Cassidy, who have both been working to co-create the #newfoodeconomy for several years now in a range of capacities. They currently work for The Food Assembly, a disruptive retail model enabling direct trade

Can agro-ecological approaches contribute to sustainable intensification?

Wednesday 14 January 2015 Trevelyan Hall, St Matthew’s Conference Centre, St Matthew’s House 20 Great Peter Street Westminster London SW1P 2BU Dear Sir/Madam On behalf of the inter-agency Land Use Policy Group (LUPG), I’d like to invite you to join us at

To What Extent Should Organic Farming Be Consumer Driven?

Tracy Jones is a FOAM EU Organic Leadership graduate, ex-smallholder, and self described farming & countryside anorak! She’s a UK Board member for the CSA Network, a Farm Committee member of Vana Trust Organic Farm. and is currently writing her MSc organic farming thesis. When discussing organic