The ORFC poet in residence

“Go into the towns and cities laden with produce and stories… too much fact runs off busy people like water from compacted soil. Learn how to open them to the seeds of ideas…” 

The French writer, designer and playwright Jean Cocteau said “the poet doesn’t invent. He listens” and no poet does this better than Adam Horovitz, our ORFC poet in residence. Throughout the ORFC 2017 Adam listened: he heard stories of people’s hope, of their fears and challenges, of visions of necessary systemic change, of stories of regeneration and possibility, of resilience and determination, of desperation and calls for help… the whole gambit of human experience. And from this place he wrote us two poems The Soil Never Sleeps and Where to go from here?

We feel these poems so beautifully capture the essence of the conference and thus decided to make them available to delegates and those that did not get the chance to attend. You can listen to Adam below…

We have decided to offer signed, limited editions of 150 letterpress posters measuring 297mm by 500mm (just longer than A3). The poems will be set in 20pt Gill Sans on beautiful 300gsm card, perfect for framing. These are being prepared for print at the moment, but the posters (which come as a pack of two) are available now for pre-order for £25 (including p&p in the UK). All proceeds from the posters will go towards Adam’s ongoing lyrical celebration of pasture farming as the PfLA’s poet in residence. If you would like to purchase a set of posters, click here