Info for attendees

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Please take note of the following which is relevant to everyone coming to ORFC 2020

  • Early registration for ORFC 2020 will take place on Tuesday 7th January 6pm-9pm in St Aldates Church, which is on the corner of Pembroke Street and St Aldates, just down the road from the Town Hall. The Land Workers’ Alliance will be running a bar and there will be a street food market to purchase evening dinner.
    Otherwise, registration will take place in the main foyer of the Town Hall from 8am on Wednesday 8th January.
  • We will not be providing any disposable cups for tea and coffee this year, or for evening drinks – please bring your own. Alternatively, you can purchase a (very nice) ORFC mug when registering.
  • This year once again, our ey breakout venue is St Aldates Church (where early registration will be taking place) which will be the place for food and drink and networking throughout the conference. There will be food stalls serving lunch on both days and informal evening dinner on the Wednesday and the LWA will be running a bar in the Church on the evenings of Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th.
  • For the ORFC Working Lunches, please bring your own lunch. These will be small and informal. A quiet space apart from the main conference to meet, reflect, discuss and ask questions. Location and times TBC.
  • Quiet Room TBC
  • Please look at the PROGRAMME TBC – there is loads on and you’ll need a bit of time to decide which sessions to attend!
  • Also leave time for networking in the Church – most delegates say it’s their favourite aspect of the conference.
  • To aid with this we will have a fun sticker table where you will able to take stickers to “customise your badge” according to your interests.
  • Questions for speakers – arrangement TBC
  • Additional information about sessions TBC

Getting to the venues