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We’re back! Announcing the Call for Contributions for the 2018 Oxford Real Farming Conference

With only 6 months until the ORFC 2018 (how time flies!) we’ve begun pulling together an exciting programme for 2018…  When we asked for your ideas this time last year, the UK had recently voted to leave the European Union. This

ORFC 2017 content is now live

If you would like to relive the ORFC 2017, take a look at our photos here. I am pleased to announce that all the PowerPoints and audio recordings from this year’s conference can be found in our 2017 Archive. Nessie

The ORFC poet in residence

“Go into the towns and cities laden with produce and stories… too much fact runs off busy people like water from compacted soil. Learn how to open them to the seeds of ideas…”  The French writer, designer and playwright Jean

A tale of two conferences

Why run the Oxford Real Farming Conference when the ‘official’ Oxford Farming Conference already says all that needs saying? Because, says Colin Tudge, they represent two quite different world views. The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) and the Oxford Farming

For Britain’s and the world’s agriculture, Brexit is much bigger than Brexit

In the spirit of John McEnroe, Colin Tudge urges our leaders to “Be serious!” The discussions that have followed Brexit – “Ooh Crikey! What shall we do now?” – are, if anything, even less edifying than those that led us

The NFU, Glyphosate and statistics

In its December edition of British Farmer and Grower the National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging its readers to lobby their MPs and MEPs to ensure the long-term future of glyphosate, the central ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Round-Up. In June

A taste of ORFC17

We’re on a real countdown now until the 2017 ORFC, putting all the final preparations in place in the run up to the festive break. It’s looking like it will be a great conference this year – building on previous

What’s in store for the ORFC 2017?

Trying to decide the ORFC 2017 programme content felt like no mean feat these past few months. Since July, I have received three times more session proposals than what the conference programme can accommodate. Whilst I found the process of

What could a Trump administration mean for global agriculture?

Like everyone else in the world, here at the ORFC we’ve been watching the American elections with a growing sense of bafflement and personally for this author, some serious dismay. It’s no secret that Mr. Trump’s 100-day plan will mean

ORFC16 vounteer retrospective: Manifesto shows way forward for our countryside

This blog is part of our 2016 volunteer retrospective, showcasing the editorial contribution our wonderful volunteers made to last year’s ORFC.  Written by Francis Barton, dated 7 January 2016, this blog is a write up of the launch of Equality in